A Tribute to 60 Years of
Photography by Don Ultang

Presented by Caroline Ull

Featuring "The Johnny Bright Story"
An Inspirational, Dramatic True Story


"The Legend of Aleyna"
A Musical Adventure by
Caroline Ull


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The First Presbyterian Church
Hackensack, New Jersey

M A Y  18, 2003  9:30am

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Exhibited as part of "The Exact Instant," an
Edward Steichen exhibit at the Museum
of Modern Art, New York City, the best
300 photographs of the first 100 years of
MOMA, and subsequently in Germany, 1949
Frequently published in Life Magazine in the
1940's and 1950's and also in Collier's,
Ladies Home Companion, Pagaent, Time,
American Magazine, and Fortune
Received Detroit Times Annual Feature Award,
Received University of Missouri National
Photography Great Pictures Award, 1951
and 1954
Cowinner of Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism,
photographs which exposed a racial attack
on a football field, 1952
Layout in U. S. Camera Annual in which he was
listed among the 10 current leading camera
artists (with Ansel Adams listed as number 1),
Portfolio in Photography Annual, 1954
Instructor in Photojournalism, Drake University,
Des Moines, Iowa, 1981-1985
Retrospective exhibit of 70 photographs, Grand
View College, Des Moines, IA, 1988
Published "Holding the Moment: Mid-America at
Mid-Century," a compilation of 200 photographs
with a narrative of his career and artistic
philosophy, 1991
Exhibit tour of various Iowa cities, 1991 & 1992
Exhibit at the Iowa State Historical Society
Building, Des Moines, Iowa, 1993
Exhibit at the Branigan Center, Las Cruces,
NM, included New Mexico landscapes and
bird photographs, 1993
Article and layout in New Mexico Magazine,
March 1993
Participant in a promotional tour of Iowa as an
extension of the Library of Congress'
"Center for the Book" Program, fall 1993
Inducted into the Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame, 1994
Article, "Cherishing the Moment," and layout in
Gateway Magazine, July-August 1997
One of the subjects of a documentary about 6
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers
produced by Business of Entertainment, Inc.,
New York City, and aired on TNT in July 1999

Included in a sports documentary, "Rites of Autumn,"
aired on ESPN
Exhibit, "Cherishing the Moment," presented by
Caroline Ull, commemorating 50th anniversary
of the Pulitzer Prize event with retrospective
of career, at the Public Library, Leonia, NJ,
October 2001, Palisades Park Public Library,
Palisades Park, NJ, November 2001, and Fort
Lee Public Library, Fort Lee, NJ, March 2002

Don Ultang lives in Des Moines, Iowa
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This exhibit is presented with the cooperation and
assistance of the following:
Don Ultang, for large photos, magazine articles,
"Capture the Moment" Newseum flier, and
for verifying and clarifying facts; Bill Camal,
Cultural Programmer of the Ft. Lee Free Public
Library for his help in exhibit set-up and also for
arranging the Channel 10 interview; Terrie Ashley,
Director, and Stephen Cavallo, Children's
Librarian, of the Palisades Park, NJ, Library,
both for their help with exhibit set-up;
Deborah Bigelow, Director of the Leonia, NJ,
Library, and Teresa Wyman, Reference Librarian,
both for their help with Internet research,
and Deborah Bigelow, for search of
microfiche NY Times Archives for 11/28/51
article and 12/16/83 obituary;  Dave Jamieson,
Director of Communications and Marketing for
the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club, for
statistics and information on Johnny Bright's
Canadian Football Career;   David Butwin, for
his general interest and for 1934 background
letter from his father; Brian Elder, for the lead
on the Jack Trice background information, and
Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Assistant Professor and
Head of the Special Collections Department at
Iowa State University, for further background
information on Jack Trice;      Nick Barter, for
suggestions in the writing of the Bright film
proposal and for his eagle eye in ferreting
out information from the "Moment of Impact"
video;    Ryan Ocello, for his assistance in
gaining access to the Fairleigh Dickenson
University archival (and badly deteriorated)
copy of the 11/5/51 Life Magazine article;
Esther Trice, President of the Huntington
County [Pennsylvania] NAACP Chapter, for
her interest and support, and that of her
membership;   and Jillian Raimondo of the
Department of Human Services, and Joe
, Rob Mathewson, Bunny Giordano,
and Jan and Jeff Kurz, for their steadfast
support and encouragement.
Thanks also are due to David Abramson for the
loan of his copy of "Holding the Moment,"
and to Cyma Rubin, Director/Producer of
"The Moment of Impact" video, for giving
me my own copy to view, and in so doing,
demonstrating to me even more vividly
and dramatically the truth about certain
facts of the  "Johnny Bright"  story with
which I had grown up in word and still
photos, which demonstration helped to
inspire me in the writing of the film proposal.

© Copyright 2001, 2003 C. Ull